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What is the power of the Top Employers Certification Seal for you?

It is our mission to be a much loved, social and inclusive brand. From a people perspective, this means Hunkemöller is a fun and inspiring place where people love to work, are proud of the brand, and where we create true brand ambassadors. We value and embrace Diversity & Inclusion among our people, customers and candidates. Being a Top Employer is an amazing recognition of the work we are doing. It emphasises our strengths and shows opportunities for further improvement within HR, Learning & Development, and Recruitment. It inspires us to create new and innovating strategies to stay a great place to work.

What is the reason you use the Top Employers Certification Seal now, during corona times?

The current situation shows that we can’t predict everything and that you need to be flexible as an organization. We have continued improving and changing our employee journey to ensure that everyone has a great employee experience and feels
engaged, healthy and InTouch.

How does Top Employers help to strengthen your employer brand?

It shows that we are a fantastic employer to work for. It is valuable that this is measured by a recognised company that certifies employers who meet certain standards. It helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors and attract the best talent.

How does Top Employers help you attract the best talent and grow as an employer of choice?

In a competitive and fast-paced employment market and especially in more instable times as nowadays, the Top Employer certification helps applicants to decide among employers for their next perfect fit. It’s a known certification that applicants rely on. In job interviews we get questions around this certification on frequently, which is the perfect conversation starter to talk about the people initiatives we offer.

How do you use the Top Employers Certification Seal to promote your status as a Top Employer internally and externally?

Internally, we are always looking for possibilities to be innovative and improve HR-related strategies/topics. The Top Employer certification shows our employees that we continuously invest in the development of creating a fun and inspiring place where people love to work. We value having contact with other Top Employers to share initiatives and ideas and also to be inspired by their best practices.

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