2pm SGT

Retaining the 'human' in human resources in the era of AI

Are you ready for the future of HR? With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, it's crucial for organisations to explore the emerging use of AI across their HR operations. But how can companies leverage the power of AI while ensuring that they pay attention to the human touch? This is a question that many companies are grappling with. In this LinkedIn Live, Top Employers Institute and SABIC India will explore the pros and cons of using AI in HR, as well as the need for a balanced approach that incorporates human intervention and AI-based tools.  

LinkedIn Live Overview:  

Join us on Wednesday, 12th April 2023, at 2 pm SGT for a thought-provoking webinar hosted by Top Employers Institute featuring SABIC, a global leader in the petrochemical industry. This session will delve into the following topics:  

  • Emerging Use of AI in the HR Domain: We'll explore the various ways that AI is being implemented in HR operations across organisations. For instance, AI can be used for recruitment, employee engagement, talent development, and performance management.  
  • Pros and Cons of Using AI: We'll discuss the benefits of AI in HR, such as reducing bias and increasing efficiency, as well as the potential downsides, such as data privacy concerns and a lack of personal touch.  
  • Balancing AI and Human Intervention: We'll highlight the importance of striking a balance between AI and human expertise in HR operations. We'll discuss the benefits of combining the power of AI with human decision-making and experience to achieve the best outcomes.  
  • Example of SABIC introducing AI yet leveraging the human experience and expertise to manage HR operations and employee engagements