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We are part of IPF, a leading home credit and digital provider of consumer finance in 9 European countries, in Mexico and Australia. Our vision is to make a difference in the everyday lives of our customers by offering straightforward financial products. We provide small, unsecured, short-term loans to over 200,000 Romanians. We lend responsibly by understanding customers� circumstances and offering products in a flexible and affordable way.
We promote inclusive lending and believe that meeting our social responsibilities is essential to maintaining a sustainable business. To date we have supported various projects � in fields such as financial education and nurturing young talents � in which we invested over �1.1 million.
Our direct contribution to the Romanian economy has exceeded �300 million and we have paid taxes to the state budget of more than �102 million. As of 2019, we have over 2,300 employees, making us one the biggest British employers in Romania.

Aantal medewerkers: 2300
Actief in aantal landen: 11

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Uit ons grondige, onafhankelijke onderzoek is gebleken dat Provident Financial Romania uitstekende arbeidsomstandigheden biedt, talent koestert en ontwikkelt op alle niveaus van de organisatie en op Human Resources-gebied naar voren komt als een leider die zijn personeelsbeleid voortdurend blijft ontwikkelen en optimaliseren.

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