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Turek Sp. z o.o.

Food and Beverages
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Mleczarnia Turek is a part of Savencia Group, which is the global leader of cheese specialties. High quality of products and our clients’ satisfaction can be felt and seen in everything we do to respond to our clients’ needs. We are the producer of fresh and soft cheeses under NaTurek and Tartare brands, but we also distribute cheeses produced by other companies of Savencia Group. Turek Dairy is a legacy of the business which was founded in 1925 and of two other companies belonging to Savencia Group in Poland - Bongrain Polska and Toska. The companies merged together to make one enterprise in January, 2011. At present, the company includes the Plants in Turek and Głubczyce, and the Office in Warsaw. We – as the Company – follow defined values and rules, which are shared by all of us to fulfil our mission. The employees are one of our priorities so we try to create the best possible conditions of work and further development.

Aantal medewerkers: 527
Actief in aantal landen: 29

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