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Makro Polska

Makro Polska heeft Top Employers Polska en Top Employers Europe certificering toegewezen gekregen.
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What Top Employers say about themselves

MAKRO is the leader in the self-service wholesale trade. The company's services, directed at entrepreneurs, encompass both comprehensive supply and modern business solutions. At MAKRO the customers can find a wide selection of food and industrial products – all under one roof in wide array, renowned for their excellent quality and affordable prices. Customers may also take advantage of additional services, such as business consulting or gastronomy training, under the auspices of the modern MAKRO Inspiration Academy. In the context of Sustainable Development Strategy MAKRO cooperates with Federation of Polish Food Banks. MAKRO has passed 3,3 million kg of products for people in need since October 2016. Furthermore, the wholesale company heads up the social responsibility programs such as “Chief for Young Talents” through which helps young cooks to take first steps towards their careers. What is more, with a view to employers MAKRO runs development program like “Active Sales Academy”.

Aantal medewerkers: 5500
Actief in aantal landen: 25

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Uit ons grondige, onafhankelijke onderzoek is gebleken dat Makro Polska uitstekende arbeidsomstandigheden biedt, talent koestert en ontwikkelt op alle niveaus van de organisatie en op Human Resources-gebied naar voren komt als een leider die zijn personeelsbeleid voortdurend blijft ontwikkelen en optimaliseren.

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