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Retail Concepts nv

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Retail Concepts is part of the A.S. Adventure Group. An omnichannel & multibrand retailer and a leading player in the European outdoor retail landscape. The Group has multiple store formats and operates distinct commercial fascia within its portfolio. In Belgium, Luxembourg and France, we have AS Adventure (50), JUTTU (3), TNF (2) and YAYA (6) stores. It is our aim to keep on increasing our footprint and grow our market share in each geography! The diversity of our store formats and brands strengthens our performance, of which the turnover is already in excess of 250 mio €. Retail Concepts employs over 1.000 employees of which some functions are organized on group level to support local business operations in Europe. In 2015 the A.S. Adventure Group was acquired by PAI Partners, a leading private equity fund.

Aantal medewerkers: 900
Actief in aantal landen: 3

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