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IT, Professional Services
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Cegeka is a successful independent European ICT company helping customers to optimise their ICT infrastructure and develop and implement business applications, as well as assisting with IT specialist staffing and outsourcing services. Founded in 1992 by Belgian entrepreneur André Knaepen, Cegeka currently employs over 4000 people throughout Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Luxemburg, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. In 2016 Cegeka realised a turnover of €415 million. This marked our 13th consecutive year of double-digit growth, which we plan to continue both autonomously and through growth-oriented strategic acquisitions in order to complete our portfolio and enlarge our footprint where needed. Our motto ‘in close cooperation’ is an integral part of Cegeka’s unique DNA. Our local presence, combined with the strength of our Europe-wide structure, allows us to assist our customers with a broad range of ‘connected services’.

Aantal medewerkers: 1300
Actief in aantal landen: 11

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