HR Trends Report 2020

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HR Trends Report 2020
Top Employers Institute HR Trends Report 2020 examines the HR priorities and practices of more than 1 600 leading employers around the world.

What's inside?

Reflecting the changes happening in the world around us, HR Trends Report 2020 highlights three global HR trends that are shaping the way organisations approach their people practices.

Global approaches to HR often require local customisation to ensure the relevancy and applicability of people practices in different regions. This report includes area-specific discussions on HR developments across Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

What is the outcome?

The findings of this report will be helpful for organisations to see where to apply some of the most interesting HR practices happening in the world right now and how these global trends will infiltrate your world of work.

How can I get it?

Owing to the valuable insights gathered by our HR experts from around the globe – Top Employers Institute has decided to make this report publicly available! If you would like to access this exclusive HR Trends Report 2020, you can fill out the information required in the form, you will then receive your download link via email . 

My organisation is not yet a Top Employer. How can we join the Certification Programme?

The good news is that your organisations best practices could be featured in our next HR Trends report if you are a Top Employer. Have you got what it takes? Click here to contact us about our Certification Programme.

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HR Trends Report 2020