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Industrie chimique, Industrie pharmaceutique, Santé
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Roche S.p.A. is the pharmaceutical division of the multinational group, headquartered in Basel (Switzerland), present in Italy since 1897. With around 700 employees today, Roche is leader in healthcare. Scientific research is the engine of its long history of innovation, aimed at bringing cutting edge therapeutic solutions which can improve health, as well as patients� survival and quality of life, therefore shaping the future of medicine. Always looking at the future of healthcare, Roche has long been committed to the sustainability of the Health System through several activities. In a social environment characterized by an increase of the average life expectancy and by limited resources, Roche firmly believes that sustainability means ensuring everyone the right to healthcare, within a properly functioning system, without wastes and flaws, and a proper access equity.

Nombre de salariés: 700
Active dans pays: 150


Notre étude indépendante détaillée révèle que Roche offre des conditions exceptionnelles à ses salariés, cultive et développe les talents à tous les niveaux de l'organisation et s'avère être un leader en matière de ressources humaines, s'efforçant d'optimiser sans cesse ses pratiques.

Nous aidons les entreprises à s'adapter à l'environnement RH en constante mutation.

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