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ALCON Pharma GmbH

ALCON Pharma GmbH ha sido certificada como Top Employers Deutschland y Top Employers Europe.
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Alcon is the global leader in eye care, dedicated to helping people see brilliantly. With our 70-plus-year heritage, we are the largest eye care device company in the world producing and selling cutting-edge technology in ophthalmic surgery as well as contact lenses and eye care products.
Founded in 1945 as a small ophthalmic shop in Fort Worth, Texas, Alcon has grown to become the world's leading ophthalmology company through a combination of innovative research and development, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships. Today, we operate in more than 70 countries, serving patients in over 140 markets and employing more than 20,000 people worldwide.
Our leadership is grounded in cutting-edge innovation and breakthrough technology, transforming the way we treat eye diseases and eye conditions. We have the widest array of eye care offerings in the industry with products organized into two businesses: Surgical and Vision Care. Our Surgical Franchise includes technologies, solutions and devices for eye surgery and advanced technology intraocular lenses (ATIOLs). Vision Care offers a broad range of contact lenses and a comprehensive portfolio of ocular health products.
Alcon Pharma GmbH is the commercial entity of Alcon in Germany. With more than 350 employees and two sites (Freiburg i.Br. and Großostheim) we distribute our products and services across Germany.
Interested? Then come and join us and shape your future in an international organisation. We offer our employees competitive benefits, great career and development opportunities as well as an open company culture and flat hierarchies.

Número de empleados: 20000
Activo y los Países: 70

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