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British American Tobacco is all about freedom of choice — whether it’s our people or our products. Combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, it’s what’s driven our phenomenal success. We started trading tobacco over a hundred years ago. Today, we’re a multibillion dollar company with more than 200 brands in our portfolio. There’s no doubt our industry is controversial — we’re the first to admit that. But rest assured, we take a responsible approach to our trade. In our market, we observe every law and regulation regarding tobacco. Not only that, we treat our Global farmers fairly, invest in the environment and help to sustain local communities. The quality of our people has always played a major role in our success. We focus on driving high performance; developing the next generation of leaders; valuing the diversity of our employees; encouraging and rewarding entrepreneurial behaviour; and creating an engaging culture where individuals and teams can be successful.

Número de empleados: 400
Activo y los Países: 200

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Nuestro objetivo y completo análisis demuestra que British American Tobacco Australia proporciona condiciones laborales excepcionales, apoya y fomenta el talento en todos los niveles de la empresa y se posiciona como líder en el mundo de los Recursos Humanos, esforzándose por mejorar las prácticas hacia sus empleados y evolucionar constantemente.

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