25th April at 11am SGT

Elevating Your Brand and People Practices: The Journey to Becoming a Top Employer in Asia-Pacific

Join us for an exclusive session on the 25th of April at 11am SGT on how becoming a Top Employer can transform your organization and help you grow as an employer of choice. During our meetup we will share the experience of becoming a Top Employer. As you’re taken through the steps to becoming a Top Employer, all the questions you’ve ever had about our validation and certification process will be answered. We have certified over 2053 companies’ people practices across the globe with the purpose of enriching the world of work: 

  • Learn from real-life experiences of companies in the Asia-Pacific region who have become Top Employers
  • Understand the simple steps to become a Top Employer and get your questions answered about our validation and certification process
  • Discover the numerous benefits of becoming a Top Employer in the Asia-Pacific region, including brand elevation, benchmarking, and alignment with global HR standards
  • Follow the journey of a Top Employer throughout the year, from our survey to certification and beyond

Join the movement that has positively impacted the world of work globally and transform your business by becoming a Top Employer in the Asia-Pacific region.