eBook2: Africa’s Leaders in HR

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What’s Inside?

After the huge success of the first of our Africa 2018 series, the Top Employers Institute proudly presents the second book in 2018’s collection.

Africa’s Leaders in HR (Part 2) takes an in-depth look at the HR best practices of employers certified by the Top Employers Institute – all across Africa!

These Top Employers have shared their HR secrets of success, and in this eBook, we’ll cover 9 different topics. From boosting employee morale, to finding the right recruits and retaining top talent, you’ll get the inside scoop from these top professionals. With this eBook, you’ll have all of the information that you need to build a better company – and become a more successful HR professional.

So don’t wait, and don’t miss out. It’s only available for a limited time, so download this eBook now! You’ll enjoy incredible tips, informative content, and an easy-to-read, simple overview of some today’s best HR practices for companies in Africa.


Excerpts from the eBook2

“We are able to provide the business with hr dashboards that at a glance clarifies our Human Capital Metrics.”



“We are no longer recruiting for skills and expertise only, but for potential and mindset.”

Full Chapter List

  1. Talent Strategy
  2. Workforce Planning
  3. On-Boarding
  4. Learning & Development
  5. Performance Management
  6. Leadership Development
  7. Career & Succession Management
  8. Compensation & Benefits
  9. Culture