Top Employers United Kingdom
Top Employers United Kingdom

Unique HR Intelligence and Employer Brand Recognition for the Worlds’ Leading Employers

The Top Employers Institute provides certification and recognition for organisations committed to excellence in HR and employee conditions. Helping them Attract, Engage, Develop and Retain the best possible talent.

About Top Employers

Our exclusive Certification identifies and recognises organisations which offer exemplary HR and employee conditions. 

Certification begins with our unique HR Best Practices Survey: fact-based, objective research among 1,200 participating organisations capturing information on their HR processes and employee conditions. Our survey is continually updated, ensuring our intelligence reflects the most contemporary and progressive HR practices and innovations.

Inform Smarter Strategies

All participating companies are provided with exclusive benchmark data and comparisons against certified Top Employers. These unique insights highlight strengths, identify challenges, and help inform strategic HR decisions

  • Develop dynamic, agile Human Capital Management
  • Match talent resources with company strategy
  • Develop employees and your leaders

Energise Employer Appeal

Organisations which achieve our internationally-recognised standard are certified as a Top Employer: a powerful differentiator for business and a clear signal to the world of a commitment to employees and advancing employee conditions.       

  • Attract and engage the highest calibre, most suitable candidates
  • Motivate employee-brand-ambassadors 
  • Elevate company status and profile

Boost Your Bottom Line

Certified Top Employers are proven enjoy accelerated business performance and significant annual cost savings relative to other companies of a comparable size. 

  • Revenue growth 200% higher  
  • Reduced absenteeism rates saving £750,000
  • Reduced staff turnover rates saving £5,000,000 

Inform your strategies. Energise your Employer Appeal

There are 78 certified Top Employers in the UK including:

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