Become a Top Employer
Become a Top Employer

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If your organisation excels at providing an enriching experience for its employees, let us help you demonstrate, advance and communicate your status as an employer of choice. Learn more about our benefits:

Stand out from the crowd

Since 1991, the Top Employers Institute has worked on developing the most globally-recognised HR research and certification methodology. We identify and certify employers that deliver exemplary employee conditions. Certified organisations receive benefits across the entire spectrum of their HR effort.

Recognition as an outstanding employer

The Top Employer certification offers exceptional recognition for your HR practices. The rigorous nature of our certification methodology ensures the exclusive value of this distinction.

Stay on top of HR developments

By participating in our programme, you will receive a complete overview and analysis of your current HR policies and practices, providing clear validation of your strengths, as well as ideas for improvement.

Reinforce your employer brand

Becoming a certified Top Employer gives you access to easy-to-use tools and new channels to leverage your status in your communications.