Webinar – 28 November 2017
Webinar – 28 November 2017

Re-imagining Talent Acquisition

Succeeding at talent acquisition is a business challenge, not simply an HR issue. Put plainly: if an organisation isn’t on its talent acquisition game, the impact on the financial health and future of the company will be devastating.

Organisations winning at talent acquisition view professionals within the function as strategic business partners. At the same time, they accept disruption and transformation as permanent elements of the strategy. And despite (or perhaps to capitalise on) the many challenges in today’s environment, high-performance organisations are building progressive talent acquisition machines fuelled by the mantra that everyone is a recruiter and everyone is a candidate.

Join us for this HR Insights webinar in which Cher Murphy, Chief Talent Officer at i4cp, and Kevin Martin, Chief Research Officer at i4cp, will reveal key findings from the research firm’s new study on progressive talent acquisition practices:

  • Key attributes of high-performance Talent Acquisition functions
  • How Talent Acquisition must be integrated with other areas of the business
  • Key metrics to track (hint: time to hire isn’t one of them)
  • What the Talent Acquisition professional of the future needs to look like in order to be successful

Date & Time 

  • Tuesday 28 November - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

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