Top Employers United Kingdom
Top Employers United Kingdom

Helping HR build better companies for better results

Top Employers certification and forward-looking HR intelligence is used by HR professionals around the world to inform, inspire and empower their strategic decision making.

About Top Employers Certification Programme

Certification begins with inclusion in our annual Best Practices Survey: a detailed capture and evaluation of the HR processes and employee conditions in over 1,200 participating organisations around the world. Our survey is unique. Completed by HR. Fact based. Independently verified. Internationally applicable. Globally recognised. 

All participants receive exclusive access to this intelligence: valued benchmarks and inspiring HR insights, helping them evaluate, develop and continuously progress their class-leading HR.

Maximise Talent Capabilities

Our international community of Top Employers learn from and motivate one another. Shared best-practices help them lay out stepping stones toward optimised people management.  

  • Develop dynamic, agile Human Capital Management
  • Match talent resources with company strategy 
  • Develop employees and your leaders 
  • Cultivate a positive culture based on shared experience

Energise and Amplify Employer Brand

Top Employers receive globally recognised brand certification. A powerful differentiator for business and a clear signal to candidates, partners, investors and customers of a commitment to employees and advancing employee conditions. 

  • Attract and engage the highest calibre, most suitable candidates 
  • Motivate employee-brand-ambassadors 
  • Improve staff retention 
  • Elevate company status and profile

Demonstrate the ROI of HR Investment

Well-informed investment in employee experience pays back! Certified Top Employers are proven to  enjoy impressive HR cost savings and accelerated business performance relative to companies of comparable size.

  • Absenteeism saving:  £750,000 p.a 
  • Staff turnover saving: £5,000,000 p.a 
  • Revenue growth:  200% higher*

Maximise Your Talent. Energise your Employer Appeal

There are 78 certified Top Employers in the UK including:

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