Top Employers Africa 2019

Proudly presenting Africa's most advanced employers, each demonstrating exceptional employee conditions.

Top Employers Africa 2019

Certified HR Excellence

<p>Following the Top Employers <strong>methodology</strong> with the <strong>HR Best Practices Survey</strong>, covering more than <strong>600 HR and people development practices</strong>, these organisations have demonstrated that they provide the <strong>highest standard of employee offerings</strong>.</p>

About us

The Top Employers Institute identifies and certifies employers that deliver exemplary employee conditions. Certified organisations receive benefits across the entire spectrum of their HR effort.

The research

Our comprehensive independent research revealed that these organisations provide exceptional employee conditions, are constantly striving to optimise their employment practices and to develop their employees.

Recognition as an outstanding employer

The Top Employer certification offers exceptional recognition for your HR practices. The rigorous nature of our certification methodology ensures the exclusive value of this distinction.

We help your organisation adapt to the rapidly changing HR environment.

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