Top Employers stand out from the crowd

Invent, Impact, Develop

Top Employers stand out from the crowd

What makes a Top Employer

Certified Top Employers are exceptional organisations, with proven commitment to providing world-class employee conditions, development opportunities and HR practices for their employees. Focusing on the long-term and celebrating fresh thinking, certified Top Employers have an HR framework which allows employees to invent, impact, develop and make a difference.

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What makes a Top Employer

About Certification

To achieve Top Employers certification, companies must meet the rigorous standards of The Top Employers HR Best Practices Survey - an annual, global study of over 600 HR policies and practices adopted by more than 1,400 leading employers around the world.

Our HR Best Practices Survey

The Top Employers’ survey is continually updated, ensuring that participants are assessed against the latest in HR innovation. Responses are validated with companies required to supply evidence to back-up their answers. 


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Recognition as an Outstanding Employer

Only companies displaying the Top Employers Certification Seal have been robustly researched and independently verified as providers of exemplary employee conditions and committed to developing employees at all levels of their organisation. 


Five million people around the world benefit from working for a Top Employer.


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