Top Employers UK:
Top Employers UK:

Join the Top Employers UK 2019 Certification Programme

Top Employers provides recognition and certification for organisations committed to excellence in HR and employee conditions. This helps companies attract, engage, develop and retain talent.

There are 85 companies currently certified in the UK, including Bentley, Canon, Heineken, PepsiCo and Starbucks.

Why Participate?

The Top Employer Certification identifies organisations that demonstrate excellence in HR and employee conditions. It is an instantly-recognisable, authoritative endorsement of a company’s HR, policies and practices - a boost for internal company pride and a powerful employer brand differentiator for business.

Top Employers benefit from:

Immediate Recognition

  • For their HR team
  • For their excellence in HR and employee conditions

Employer Brand Reinforcement

  • Access to an array of Top Employer print and digital branding assets, to communicate and promote their certified status
  • Company profile on and further exposure via our media partnership with The Guardian and year-long PR activity

Valuable Insights

  • Bespoke Feedback Meetings and Benchmark reports, to inform HR strategy
  • Insight into HR trends and innovations, to stay one step ahead

Return on Investment

  • Attract and Retain high calibre talent
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Attract business partners 

How to become a Top Employer

Our 2019 Certification programme is now open. For information on how certification could benefit your organisation, fill in the form on the right, or get in touch with us today:


Phone: 01727 575 450