By Steven Van Raemdonck, Regional Manager Belux & Nordics, Top Employers Institute
By Steven Van Raemdonck, Regional Manager Belux & Nordics, Top Employers Institute

7 benefits of working for a certified Top Employer

As an employee of a Top Employer, it is important to know why your organisation has achieved this coveted certification and what the benefits are for yourself.  Steven Van Raemdonck, Regional Manager for Top Employers Institute Belux & Nordics, shares his thoughts and views on the advantages of working for a Top Employer organisation:  

  1. Top Employers strive to achieve their annual certification because they put their people first, with the best HR practices in place to support you as their primary asset.  
  2. Top Employers Institute covers a wide range of HR aspects, including the entire employee journey. Often these aspects concern everyday working conditionsAs a Top Employer, your organisation demonstrates their commitment to raising the bar on the way they interact with their employees, from recruitment right through to the final exit interview. 
  3. Elements such as employee involvement, as well as communication and transparency towards the employee are key elements for becoming certified as a company. A good Top Employer will ensure that employees remain engaged and have constant opportunities to develop.  
  4. Based on the feedback provided by HR Auditors at Top Employers Institute, certified organisations have the opportunity to improve and optimise their HR policies.   
  5.  Thanks to data insights obtained from participating Top Employersthe network of certified organisations have access to the most innovative and impactful HR best pratices policies. This way they can apply them when needed, and this also improves your life as an employee in the workplace. 
  6. The Top Employers Institute payoff is “For a Better World of WorkEach year the number of organisations that, thanks to Top Employers Institute, have taken major steps on concrete aspects that affect their people grows. These include onboarding, availability of training and education, better leadership, openness about career opportunities.  
  7. These highly uncertain times that seemingly have no end in sight have put the spotlight on how Top Employers put the well-being of their employees first. Read more about how Top Employers have demonstrated their agility and ability to quickly adapt to a crisis in supporting the well-being of their people.