Internal development is one of the focus areas of KONE

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Why is it important for KONE to be a Top Employer?

At KONE, we work together to make cities better places to live. Creating the flow of urban life requires talent and ambition.

We strongly believe our employees are the key to our success.

Being a Top Employer requires a holistic approach to building a work environment in which employees are constantly engaged and committed to business success. We strive to be an employer where people enjoy working, feel challenged, have growth opportunities and contribute to a more sustainable world. So we challenge ourselves as an employer to continuously improve our work environment. This means offering engaging job opportunities, supporting professional growth and development and focusing on well-being.

What are the main HR Topics you focus on?

Talent acquisition is a clear focus point for KONE. In this post covid period, while the economy is reviving, it is key to attract the right talent to support our organizational growth. In this war on talent, it is key to be able to differentiate yourself as an employer.

Internal development is also a important topic for us.

In the current market model, mastering standard HR processes are not sufficient anymore in order to build organizational resilience.

We believe that an innovative internal development program can help to create more dynamic talent and a work model for the future.

An additional focus point, as part of internal strategy towards empowering people, is flexibility. The COVID-19 pandemic thought us a lot about the power of working remotely. With our current hybrid model we aim to granularly define the activities and occupations that can be done from home to better understand the future “way of working”.

How has the Top Employers Institute supported you in the past few years?

The Top Employer audit and feedback helps us to set the bar higher year after year. It challenges our HR practices and gives us inspiration for future developments. In addition, it allows us to communicate positively to our current and future employees. The Top Employer seal is a powerful tool to showcase what we stand for. It clearly supports us in our employer branding.


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Internal development is one of the focus areas of KONE

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