By Top Employers Institute
By Top Employers Institute

Building Resilience: Navigating COVID to Co-Win

While the global public health crisis impacted organisations worldwide, it did not hinder Infosys’ performance. Productivity continued uninterrupted and 87% of employees indicated they were proud to work for Infosys. How did Infosys accelerate their people practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

This case study explores how, despite its large size and geographical spread, Infosys undertook a rapid large-scale remote working programme to adapt to the unexpected demands of the COVID-19.

Leadership facilitated the move of 97% of its 240,000 employees to home working and carefully managed the impact of remote working requirements on employees. They aligned and structured their people strategy with applicable domains from Top Employers Institute’s Certification Programme.

As a global leader in digital services and consulting, they help clients across 46 countries navigate digital transformation and achieve agility at scale. Since 2018, Infosys has consistently achieved the Top Employers Institute Regional Certification for Europe and the Middle East.