How Top Employers benefit from aligning their people practices

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By Claire Rowland, Customer Marketing Manager, Top Employers Institute
Even in the most successful organisations, it can be easy for leaders and their teams to slip into a “silo” mentality around what they think, say or do. Every geography, business function and department has, by definition, differing responsibilities and perspectives.

In one sense, this is a good thing – diversity in thinking and action should always be encouraged to achieve better results for the whole business. Top Employers also know the importance of regularly realigning their people strategy across the organisation – particularly when their business spreads across multiple countries or regions.

In the best businesses, HR sits at the heart of the action. Its work is central to the effective running of every other business function and the entire employee life cycle. A fully aligned HR strategy translates to more optimal use of resources, increased employee engagement and gains in productivity. Given current economic uncertainties, there’s never been a better time for HR to think and act decisively in this area.

The Value of Participation Report 2020 confirms this based on independent and externally verified research.

Every year, Top Employers worldwide participate in our Global Certification Programme. Our research report shows that:

  • 85% agree that the programme creates value for their organisation.
  • 73% of Top Employers use knowledge across countries from the programme’s calibration data to align and adjust their HR strategies.

By using this data, organisations can make country-by-country comparisons to ensure HQ and regional HR policies and practices are aligned and therefore optimised. More than 75% of Top Employers agree that it helps them to:

  • Sharpen international comparisons: 84% agreed they achieve better alignment globally between countries in terms of policies and practices. In the words of one of our survey respondents: “We are standardising our HR processes throughout the region to keep everybody on track.”
  • Eliminate information and perception gaps: 84% said it uncovers flaws in communication and HR knowledge across countries. As one Top Employer told us: “We had the chance to see there was a lack of information or misunderstanding and to improve [on it].”
  • Highlight best practices: 82% indicated it helped them to identify best practices in countries or regions for others to follow. One of those interviewed put it well: “It provided a good opportunity to learn where the best practices are [needed].”

The crucial role that alignment plays in creating value from our Top Employers Certification is perhaps best summed by May Anne Bird, Vice President HR Global Functions, APAC, at adidas, who said that calibrated data “allows us to create consistency across all of our geographies”.

It is this consistency of HR best practice, through regular realignment, that helps our Top Employers to accelerate the impact of people strategies in the world of work.

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How Top Employers benefit from aligning their people practices