People Analytics with Merck

In today's episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Alexis Saussinan, who heads the global organisation development and people analytics team at Merck Group. His team supports Merck’s three business sectors (healthcare, life sciences and performance materials) and helps shape organisation development and people analytics capabilities to support leaders’ decisions in areas such as business transformations, organisation development, future workforce planning and innovation.

Today we will talk about HR Analytics where Alexis will share many actionable takeaways. We will cover how Merck used people analytics as a driver to change mindsets and to encourage leaders to make decisions based on data, rather than on "gut feelings", how can we -as HR individuals- create value through measuring and analyzing HR data in e.g. predicting future issues and what bold decisions on their journey got Merck the 2016 HR Excellence Award by the Human Resources Manager Magazine.

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Link to Alexis Saussinan's LinkedIn.

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