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Why Diversity without Inclusion will not equal growth

Katie Wynn, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Asda, was recently invited to talk about Diversity and Inclusion hosted by Top Employers UK.

What does Diversity and Inclusion mean to your organisation?

For many, this is no longer a topic that many can ignore. Furthermore, this topic has moved from merely ‘subject matter’ to an imperative part of company culture. The good news is that Top Employers around the globe are now recognising Diversity and Inclusion as a key business factor and acknowledging that it is indeed one of the keys to success. Because of this, various organisations now pride themselves on how their approach to Diversity and Inclusion and many are establishing roles focused on this within their organisation. 

An example of this is Katie Wynn - Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Asda. Katie was recently invited to a seminar on Diversity and Inclusion hosted by Top Employers UK. Her presentation entitled A Truly Inclusive Culture looks at how this organisation trained employees through the use of a real-life acting exercise to help them understand the realities of working at an office that respects an inclusive culture.