By David Plink, CEO
By David Plink, CEO

Top Employers Institute Celebrating 30 Years

Dear Top Employers, friends, and colleagues, 

When we started Top Employers Institute 30 years ago in 1991, we had little idea of the growth, reach and impact that would come to fruition from this idea.

Top Employers Institute has certified 1 691 organisations in 120 countries/regions. These certified Top Employers positively impact the lives of 7 million employees globally with their HR Best Practices and their continuous efforts to create a better world of work. Becoming a Top Employer is no easy feat and requires communication, transparency and a willingness to listen and act on feedback. 

We began our dedication to the improvement of people practices through the world of publishing. Our series of books focused on outstanding employers, on leading managers and companies with strong strategies. From here we introduced our iconic Certification Seal as well as the annual certification cycle and created a new dedicated research methodology for HR Best Practices across the industry. See below for the full timeline of the 30 years to get where we are today.

With 11 offices around the world, we continue to grow on a global scale. Top Employers Institute's purpose remains the same: accelerating the impact of people strategies to enrich the world of work.

As CEO I am honoured to have watched this journey unfold thus far and look forward to another 30 years striving for the best in HR. 


David Plink - CEO, Top Employers Insitute



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