The Power of Connection

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By Claire Rowland, Customer Marketing Manager, Top Employers Institute
In an independently-conducted survey, 74% of HR leaders from certified organisations said they attended the Top Employers Institute CONNECT events across the world. While COVID-19 has impacted how we bring Top Employers together, one thing remains certain, connecting the world's leading organisations to share knowledge and HR Best Practices remains an important pillar of our value proposition.

With the unpredictable events of recent months, it’s easy to see why HR leaders can find it hard to connect externally with their peers and industry influencers. Our Value of Participation Report 2020 shows that when HR professionals do connect with one another, it invariably accelerates their learning and performance.

Every year, for example, Top Employers worldwide participate in our Global Certification Programme. Our independent and externally verified research shows that not only do 85% agree that the Certification Programme creates value for their organisation, but that Top Employers events:

  • Help 84% feel part of a community, 
  • Keep 71% on top of HR trends and best practices, and
  • Enable 74% to build their network of fellow HR professionals.

In their own words, our Top Employers felt it gave them a more powerful voice in their organisation in three respects:

  • The power of connection: “To get to know people from other companies who have faced similar talent challenges; and to share best practices to see what other companies were doing to improve.”
  • The power of community. “Being part of Top Employer community is a great opportunity for our company, not only for the certification, but also for the network … we are able to connect with.”
  • The power of celebration. “It is a proud moment for me, the HR team and for the organisation. We shared the photos and award and celebrated with the employees.”

These “3Cs” of connection are highly valued and this is one of many reasons why Top Employers Institute is a trusted partner to the world’s leading employers. The benefits of connection for HR can only accelerate the impact of people strategies in the world of work – a key part of our purpose. 

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As Harm Otten, Executive Vice President Human Resources DHL Global Forwarding, Freight puts it: “We are joining a network of top companies all around the world [and] learning from those best practices can only make us better.”

From Miami to Amsterdam, and Cape Town to Bejing, Top Employers Institute hosts a large number inspirational events across the globe every year, and we continue to do so in new ways to work within the parameters of governmental and organisational requirements for health and safety measures to be upheld. 

For more information on how Top Employers Institute can deliver value for your organisation, please use the download form on the left to access the report.

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The Power of Connection