Reflecting on 2022: The Best of Our HR Insights

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By Sinakho Dhlamini, HR Content Specialist, Top Employers Institute
Sinakho Dhlamini
Content Marketing Specialist

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic waned in many parts of the world, many anticipated a return to “normal”. Organisations and employees have had to deal with a year of challenges from finding a balance in hybrid work, to the many global crises that have affected the predictability of work. 2022 has been more turbulent than expected.

At Top Employers Institute we have been able to investigate how organisations are meeting these challenges head-on by looking at global trends and trends within the Top Employers community. As we get closer to the end of another working year, we would like to highlight some of our best articles, interviews and case studies of the year.

10 Reasons Why Workplace Culture is Important in 2022

The shifts and changes that affected the workplace over the last two years as companies reacted to the covid-19 pandemic gave many organisations an opportunity to evaluate the importance of culture in their office. In this blog post, we explored why workplace culture is still important in our new hybrid landscape and how it affects employees and the organisation that they are working for.

How Pfizer UK Supports Diversity and Inclusion on International Women’s Day and Beyond

International Women's Day in 2022 looked at how many women are concerned with having to #BreakTheBias. At Top Employers Institute we were proud to feature the efforts of certified Top Employer, Pfizer UK, as we got an insight into their diversity and inclusion strategy and their innovative Gender Pay Gap Strategy. In this conversation with Dagmar Albers, the Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Pfizer UK, we were granted an exclusive interview that looked at women in the workplace and how organisations can best support them throughout their career journey.

The Big Quit in Belgium

In 2021 and 2022 conversations around employee retention almost always led to the new, and for some, unexpected phenomenon of the Big Quit. The conversation emerged during the pandemic but grew in momentum as the move back to the office happened in many places across the world. While the conversation began in the USA it affected many other markets in the world and Steven van Raemdinck, Regional Manager for Top Employers Institute in Benelux and the Nordics, explored the situation in the Belgian market.

How Saint-Gobain Prioritises New Ways of Working in their Company Culture

Organisations and their employees have had to adapt, experiment and try new ways of working to meet the challenges that have come over the last few years. We were excited and honoured to learn how certified Top Employer, Saint-Gobain, has been able to innovate their organisation to meet the needs of the “new” working world. Izabela, the Leadership and Culture Manager at Saint-Gobain, led us through how they initiated change in 2021 across their global offices.

5 Ways HR Supports Sustainability Efforts

Conversations around the impact organisations can have on the sustainability of their organisation have been growing with each passing year as the realities of the planet become more evident. In fact, 94% of Top Employers in 2022 had policies that committed them to social and environmental performance. Organisations that are focused on these sustainable efforts are engaging their people management and HR departments in this work. While employees are looking at it from various angles, we looked at just five of the ways HR supported sustainability.

Changing the Game: New Rules at Work

If there is one topic on the agenda in all organisations, it is undoubtedly to need to design - and implement - a new working model but how are leading organisations actioning the necessary changes? Irene Martinez, an HR Auditor at Top Employers Institute, looked at how organisations are finding cutting-edge ways of incorporating new ways of working into their strategic objectives.

In 2022 the global landscape of work underwent more fluctuations than expected as organisations and their employees altered their working conditions after the global pandemic. Top Employers and other leading organisations have had to challenge themselves throughout the year to meet the needs of the work. Reflecting on 2022 and its turbulent times sets 2023 up for an exciting and ground-breaking time for HR departments as they continue to commit themselves to help their organisations to best meet the needs of their employees.

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Reflecting on 2022: The Best of Our HR Insights

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