Introducing the HR Best Practices Report 2019

HR Best Practices Report 2019

Top Employers Institute HR Best Practices Report 2019 examines the HR priorities and practices of more than 1 500 leading employers around the world.

What’s inside this report?

In this report you will learn more about our selection of proven case studies that are not only impressive, but also measurable and applicable on a global scale. Here you can discover more than 65+ case studies that explore the objectives, results and our expert opinions on the success of these Best Practices.

Note that this report is exclusively avaliable only to 2019 Top Employers. If your organisation would like to feature in next year's report, please use the form to the right of this page to contact us. 

Do you feel that your organisations' HR practices could be featured in our next Best Practice Report?

The HR Best Practice Report 2019 features certified Top Employers who demonstrate HR excellence. If you think your organisation is a potential Top Employer, you can find out more about getting certified here.

If you are currently a Top Employer and have not received your HR Best Practices Report via email, please contact your relevant representative.