HR: The Global Perspective with Top Employer colleague Joost Hoff

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Our guest for this podcast is our Top Employers Institute colleague Joost Hoff. In the interview we had with him, Joost will share the global HR perspective based on the validations of multinational organisations participating in the Top Employers Certification process in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Joost Hoff began his journey at the Top Employers Institute right after finishing his MBA and starting his own consulting company. At Top Employers Institute, he has been responsible for the development of the Top Employers Certification processes as well as the research of the HR strategies of more than one hundred organizations.

In this podcast, he will reveal what he has experienced in the past six years working with Top Employers Institute, validating HR practices across the globe. He talks about the HR trends and shares impressive examples of diversity.


  • The differences in HR based on the markets in Europe, Africa and Latin.
  • The future of HR practices.
  • Inspiring examples of HR practices.

Listen to the full podcast for more information and further insights about the global HR perspective.

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HR: The Global Perspective with Top Employer colleague Joost Hoff

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