How Grupo Dasa’s Employees are Enhancing the Employee Experience

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By Sinakho Dhlamini, HR Content Specialist, Top Employers Institute
Sinakho Dhlamini
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The importance of well-being in any successful organisation is something that requires new and innovative ideas to support employees. The importance of well-being has only intensified over the last few years, especially as the world was affected by the global coronavirus over the last few years.

Almost all (95%) Certified Top Employers see well-being as a key business imperative and many of them have formed creative and engaging best practices around well-being. At this year’s Certification Celebration, we looked to some of our Top Employers to lead us through some of their best practices to help inspire Top Employers and beyond.

In this article, we are sharing a well-being best practice from Certified Top Employer Grupo Dasa around how they utilise an enhancement squad to enhance their employee experience across their organisation. Fabio Rosé, General Director of People and Culture at Grupo Dasa, takes us through their best practice.

Grupo Dasa is one of the largest integrated health networks in Brazil and they currently take care of the journey of more than 20 million people a year. They are united around the knowledge that everything they do is, not only for but also with people in mind. People's experience comes first. And it is done through a responsible and kind approach.

How their Team Motivate and Support Employees

At Grupo Dasa, they have created dedicated teams that create engagement actions that motivate and support employees to feel like they are part of the organisation. The team also focuses on showing each employee their value at work and beyond.

During the pandemic, they noticed that the need to stimulate a close dialogue between their employees became fundamental to their success and their employee’s satisfaction. In this period dialogue was not only a way for employees to communicate but it also became a way for Grupo Dasa to intensify the effects of their well-being programmes.

They created teams called ‘enhancement squared’ to promote daily motivation within the team. Each week relevant themes are chosen and shared with the teams in the workplace. The themes are designed to reach all employees.

Who Champions this Best Practice

The programme is led by Ambassadors, these are the people who are responsible for receiving the weekly theme, studying them, and sharing their reflections with the larger team.

During the most isolated periods of the coronavirus pandemic, the internet became a vital part of employees engaged in their roles to provide excellent care to people. While this opened a lot of different opportunities to engage employees it also had challenges for employees at Grupo Dasa. To combat these challenges left from easily accessing in-person communication they began to use videos to inform, motivate and entertain employees using TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Results of the Best Practice

These initiatives and the impact they had across the organisation are seen in the data points that Grupo Dasa measured. To see the impact of their work, watch the video below and learn more from Fabio Rosé and Grupo Dasa.


Fabio Rosé has been the General Director of People & Culture at Dasa since the beginning of 2021. He started his career in Human Resources at BankBoston, in São Paulo. In 2001 he moved to Novartis where he worked for over 12 years holding various positions such as Talent Development Manager in Brazil, Human Resources Director in Chile and Human Resources Director in Venezuela. In Switzerland, he served as Global HR Business Partner for Research and Development and as Global Director of Human Resources for Chemical and Biological Operations. On his first return to Brazil, he took over as General Director of Human Resources at L’ Oréal Brasil for six years and then became Senior Vice President Human Resources at L’ Oréal Luxe, in New York. Fabio holds a BA in Pedagogy and has extension programs in Marketing (ESPM) and Human Resources (FGV) and an executive master's degree from INSEAD - Fontainebleau, France. 

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How Grupo Dasa’s Employees are Enhancing the Employee Experience

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