Business and Internal Transformation and The Critical Role of People & Culture - PMI

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In today's episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Anita Rogalska, who is leading the People & Culture team for Poland & Baltics States at Philip Morris International, and as a board member of PMI Polska, she plays a critical role in transforming the company and its culture to realise the ambitious mission of smoke-free future.

We will talk about their business and internal transformation and the critical role People and Culture department plays in it. Anita will share the role of HR function that has been converted to People and Culture in this transformation, the internal change seen by their employees, their need of different skills set required to fulfill this transformation and how they measure the progress, not forgetting the effect it has on the current company culture.

Connect with Anita

The book Anita mentioned is: The Oz Principle by Roger Connors, Tom Smith and Craig Hickman

About PMI

If you haven't heard about PMI yet, you must know that with approx. 3500 employees in Poland, PMI is the largest manufacturer and employer in the tobacco market in Poland. In 2017, for the first time in history, PMI has received the Top Employers Global certification. In Poland, they have been in the top 5 best ranked performers of the Top Employers certification. They have 25 nationalities, speaking 20 languages and are on their mission to replace cigarettes with the smoke-free products.


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Business and Internal Transformation and The Critical Role of People & Culture - PMI

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