6 Webinar Key Takeaways: Top Employers Webinar in association with Johnson & Johnson Africa

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By Nazia Osman, Regional Marketing Manager Africa, Top Employers Institute

Diversity, equity, inclusion. While organisations try to make these issues an important component of their workplace many leaders are uncertain of how to turn dialogue into action. To gain insight and nurture a thought-provoking discussion on the topic we spoke with the team at Johnson and Johnson. They highlighted critical information and tools that helped their organisation’s leaders make changes towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce.

Learning and benchmarking are key steps towards becoming an impactful organisation that drives change. In this webinar, Top Employer Institute and Johnson & Johnson delivered an engaging session with real-life encounters and unfiltered.

To set the scene and open the platform we had Billy Elliott, the Regional Manager for Africa at Top Employers Institute. He gave a warm welcome to Thandiwe Masuku, Head of HR SA & the HR Leader for Medical Devices, and David Roberts, General Manager of Medical Devices, both from Johnson & Johnson Southern Africa. In addition to these engaging speakers, we had Shaun Ringler; ERG, O&O Lead and Member of the J&J DEI Council; Jessica du Plessis, GenNOW Lead and Member of the J&J DEI Council and Tapiwa Tevera, ADA SA Lead and Member of the J&J DEI Council.

To watch the full webinar, fill in the form (on the right-hand side). Below are some key takeaways from the event:  

#Takeaway 1

Advancing Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategy

Johnson & Johnson recognizes that we are living in a pivotal moment for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. To address this head-on their DEI strategy has become the standard that guides how they work every day. They are shifting the landscape and recognising DEI as a business necessity. Johnson & Johnson identified the following viewpoints as contributing to new and innovative thinking that drive solutions that bring about change:

  • Society is demanding social change: People want greater corporate transparency and accountability to help address systemic inequities. 
  • Purchasing and employment decisions are changing: Consumers are making decisions informed by how companies respond to social and racial justice. 
  • Employees are holding leaders accountable: Employee’s desire more inclusive and diverse teams where everyone belongs and thrives.
  • Demographics are changing rapidly: The workforce must reflect the communities they serve and live in – globally, regionally, and locally.

#Takeaway 2

Building an Evidence-Based Strategic Plan

Across the group, Johnson & Johnson gathered insights from 7000 employees across 33 countries to understand what DEI means to them and the people they serve around the world. The data helped them understand that, while diversity changes wherever you are in the world, inclusion is the same everywhere. They also found that their fundamental challenge was finding a way to unite employees who came from different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences to create an environment where everyone feels valued and able to work together.

#Takeaway 3

Building Employee Resources Groups (ERGs)

What are ERGs?

They are voluntary, employee-led diversity and inclusion initiatives that are formally supported by their organisation. They are organised based on shared characteristics or life experiences. At Johnson & Johnson, these groups are encouraged to apply their perspectives to initiatives that create value for all employees.

Why are ERG’s important to their organisation?

These groups provide key insights that drive better outcomes on behalf of their people, the marketplace, and communities. It also contributes to employee satisfaction which leads to a more purpose-led, productive organisation.

#Takeaway 4

Open & Out

Open & Out was the first cross-sector ERG launched in South Africa and inspired best practices for other ERGs to follow (ADA, WLI, GEN NOW and African Ancestry). While also creating a cross-sector communication strategy. The vision of this ERG is to make Johnson & Johnson the employer and healthcare company of choice for the LGBTQIA+ Community.

#Takeaway 5


Did you know that 52.7% of the Johnson & Johnson workforce are millennials? In March 2021, an ERG for millennials was launched in South Africa. It already includes 170 participants.

Their ERG aims to intentionally share experience, knowledge, and skills across generations. They help reframe and enhance myths and assumptions about millennials to help create a value chain amongst colleagues. 

#Takeaway 6

Alliance for Diverse Abilities

Johnson & Johnson is working to foster an inclusive and barrier-free environment for disabled and neurodiverse people. Allowing them to become leading advocates for mental health and well-being. The ADA is the fastest growing ERG at Johnson & Johnson.

To learn more about Johnson & Johnson South Africa; get in contact here.

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6 Webinar Key Takeaways: Top Employers Webinar in association with Johnson & Johnson Africa