5 Webinar Key Takeaways: Best Practice Webinar in association with Vodacom Group Limited

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By Nazia Osman, Regional Marketing Manager Africa, Top Employers Institute

We asked the Vodacom Group Limited’s Managing Executive Rewards and Benefits expert, Tersha Walljee to share her knowledge about their Rewards and Recognition programme and how this translated into driving a purpose-led organisation. The purpose of this webinar was to give our viewers an in-depth understanding of Vodacom’s Rewards and Recognition strategy, framework, philosophy, technology, and best practices. The session was held on 6 July 2021 and was hosted by Billy Elliott, Regional Manager Africa of Top Employers Institute Africa.

To watch the full webinar, fill in the form (on the right-hand side). Below are some key takeaways from the event: 

#Takeaway 1 - Rewards and Benefits Philosophy

Vodacom ensures continuous monitoring and management of fair and ethical remuneration. Remuneration is benchmarked against domestic and international standards, as necessary.  This allows us to support our organisations objectives, enabling us to attract, retain, recognise, and motivate our workforce.

#Takeaway 2 - Fair Pay

Across the Group we strive for fair pay ensuring we pay market competitive rates, thus ensuring that we provide our teams with a good standard of living. Based on local market requirements Vodacom offers their permanent employees’ access to risk benefits, medical cover, and retirement benefits either via the state or private arrangements.  A series of user-friendly guides and an annual Total Reward Statement is delivered to each employee. This ensures that each person understands their ‘pay packages’ and outlines the value of their benefits.

#Takeaway 3 - Reward Changes 

Being at the frontier of innovation and building a high performing organisation, Vodacom’s reward framework celebrates their spirit, which is embedded in their purpose, and they ensure that this supports their strategy. Vodacom’s purpose is to connect for a better future, and they continue to be a performance-driven organisation, with the different components of their reward structures which aim to recognise, support, and reward both collective and individual performance.   

#Takeaway 4 - Line Manager Support

At Vodacom, managers are equipped with user friendly interactive guides which are accessible online which enable them with a range of topics to empower effective recognition, providing feedback, etc.

#Takeaway 5 - Technology Platforms

SuccessFactor forms the basis of compensation module which is used by line managers to make annual reward decisions and to allocate recognition awards. Not only are managers able to communicate and keep track effectively, but our employees are also able to view their annual reward letters on the Engage App in real time. This immersion allows us to deliver best practices in HR, keeping us ahead of the curve.

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5 Webinar Key Takeaways: Best Practice Webinar in association with Vodacom Group Limited