A talk with Harrods: New tech in HR communications

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Harrods has over 10,000 staff either employed directly by the store, or working in shop-floor concessions. In this podcast (2 out of 3) Niall Ryan-Jones, Head of Employee Experience at Harrods, gives two examples to Top Employers of how Harrods’ HR is adopting new technologies to amplify communications:

  1. a new smart-phone app for all employees, especially the ‘hard to reach’ shop-floor and concessions staff, containing ‘intranet-lite’ information and instant access to a new Employee Benefits Platform
  2. how a new ‘event-driven’ HR communications programme, is using technology to engage with employees on a more individual level, at pivotal points in their employee-lifecycle 


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A talk with Harrods: New tech in HR communications

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