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HR insights

Blog: HRCI certification correlates to revenue growth

Multiple studies already provide strong evidence that HRCI certified individuals are more successful in their careers compared to non-certified employees. They tend to get promoted more quickly, see quicker and greater salary increases, and populate more senior positions. Now data analysis suggests that having HRCI certified professionals on staff is correlated to stronger business performance. Companies with more than five HR professionals certified by HRCI are – like the Top Employers certified companies – not only more highly rated by current employees, they also are more likely to show stronger stock performance and revenue growth rates.

In addition, studies suggest that having more certificants (as a percentage of the total HR department) has an even greater impact on revenue growth, emphasising the importance of institutionalising the approach to implementing best practices, rather than expecting a small number of individuals to drive change. The University of Michigan/RBL Industries HR Competency Study found that HR department activities account for more of the value all stakeholders perceive (employees, investors, communities, regulators, line managers, external customers) than the competencies of the individual HR professionals within the department. In other words, while it’s important to have great HR people, it’s more important to have a consistently great department that’s aligned on activities.

Glassdoor ratings support a similar conclusion, that of companies with more than five HRCI certificants, those with a greater proportion of them relative to the total number of HR staff are rated higher. This suggests that a department that’s more aligned around best practices has a larger impact.

“We have entered the next generation of HR. To help propel people and business forward in today’s competitive environment, the HR function requires increased discipline, agility, and constant adaptation.”
– Donna C. Morris, Adobe’s senior vice president of Global People and Places

Best practices in general have the most impact on business performance when they are embraced companywide, starting at the top, and adopted smartly and sensitively by expert individuals. Top Employers Institute provides certification that ensures leadership in HR best practice implementation. HRCI provides certification that helps companies identify individuals who have both the knowledge and critical judgment skills to apply the best practices. On their own, certifications are correlated with better business performance – companies with Top Employers certification, and companies that have more than five HRCI certificants, show better results than companies that don’t.