Milan - 25 September 2019

Top Employers HR Conference 2019 - People 4.0: is the future already here (?)

Reflections, stories, experiences, research data on an essential reality.

Top Employers Institute in collaboration with Polytechnic University of Milan AIDP and Challenge Network to discuss how an unavoidable reality is dealt with and how companies experience it: those who master it, those who are gearing up, those who still observe it from afar. The research data of the HR Innovation Practice Research of the School of Management of the Polytechnic University of Milan, illustrated by the scientific director Mariano Corso. The stories and best practices of innovative excellence by ABB and Accenture. And the wide-ranging reflections of Pino Mercuri, HR Director of Microsoft Italia and Darya Majidi, entrepreneur and author of "Women 4.0" about how the highest technology, combined with empathy, can help create a better world of work. #TEHRConf40

Take a look at the pictures from the Circle:

Top Employers HR Conference 2019 People 4.0: il futuro è già qui (?)

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