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Top Employers Institute is the global HR authority on certifying excellence in people strategies and practices. We believe employees make the organisation and when they are empowered by an excellent people practices, they thrive. Recognition through our programme for these people practices helps companies elevate their status as a credible employer of choice. The Top Employers Certification demonstrates an organisation is a trusted employer. Being certified provides the opportunity to celebrate this achievement and reinforce the crucial role of people, and of HR, within your business.

Why join the Top Employers Programme?



  • Promote and celebrate your success with the world renowned. Certification Seal and other branding tools to leverage your excellence to the world.


  • Benchmark your organisation’s performance against the global Top Employers Institute standard and access dynamic analytics and insights via your results dashboard.


  • Make data-driven decisions and drive company-wide adoption of key HR initiatives. Simultaneously shine a light upon, often-hidden, local best practices.


  • Connect with Top Employers from around the world through online and offline events to share knowledge and get inspired.

Get in touch to discover more about the Top Employers Programme and the benefits of positioning your organisation among the world’s leading employers:

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