30 June | 9:00am - 10:00pm

The Employee Experience at a time of choice

The health crisis has imposed brutal changes. Beyond its one-off impact, it has caused a number of upheavals in our vision of the world, our ways of living and working. Added to this is the impact of technological developments.

The result? Today's employees have very different expectations from those of yesterday... To be combined with the needs of the organisation and to be implemented by managers.
Today, it is time for choices and adaptations, for adoption and optimisation.

  • What is changing? What can't we go back on? Which working methods should be retained? What practices need to be adapted to meet the new challenges of a hybrid world?
  • What place for the voice of the employee? How to collect it? For what purpose?

In a few words, what new employee experience in a new hybrid context?

Thanks to our guests, who share their experience and expertise on this topic.

  • Vincent Binetruy, Regional Manager, Top Employers
  • Julien Lever, Managing Partner, Julhiet Sterwen
  • David Gautron, Phygital Employee Experience Director, Julhiet Sterwen.

The exchanges will be moderated by Déborah Flahaut, Director Leadership & Management, Julhiet Sterwen.

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