17 November, 4PM CET

Technology and People at Work: Reshaping HR

This webinar will explore how technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, are impacting and shaping HR.  

What can you expect?

Technology and People at Work: Reshaping HR is presented by Livia Bahier Michel, HR Advisory & Digital Transformation Practices Manager at Julhiet Sterwen, a Transformation & innovation consultancy that provides expertise in HR transformation and change management, and Benoit Montet, Global Human Resources and Innovation Expert at Top Employers Institute.

You will also hear from Franck Gaillard, Global Learning Director at Alstom and Serge Jaumain, Innovation Manager at SPIE Oil & Gas.

Hosted on 17 November at 4PM CET, our speakers will provide insight into the latest technology trends in HR. They will explore questions such as:

  • What is the status of digital transformation in HR?
  • What innovations in HR tech have been implemented in 2020? What are the results? 
  • How can these new technologies be used to support sustainability and promote agility?

This webinar is based on the third white paper by the same title, "Technology and People at Work, Reshaping HR", co-authored by Top Employers Institute and Julhiet Sterwen and originally published in French. The global networks of the Top Employers Institute and Julhiet Sterwen's Transformation League, have been mobilised to explore and present the most remarkable innovations. 


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