9th June, 10am CEST

Inspiration session

For a Better World of Work: Back to work

(please note this webinar will be conducted through Dutch)

As organisations prepare to return to work, we are faced with more questions than answers. Workplaces as we know them will never be the same again. With increased remote working becoming the norm for many organisations, increased hygiene requirements, and social distancing protocols, employees will need to be guided in their return to work.

What you can expect

The inspiration session will be hosted live on 9 june 2020 from 10am CEST. Three speakers will each present for a couple of minutes, after which they will talk to about the topic together. Also the floor is open to questions from the audience. They will talk about pertinent questions around returning to work:  

  • How can HR leaders prepare for returning to the workplace?  
  • What are the greatest challenges that lie ahead? 
  • What is the mental impact on employees?
  • What changes are here to stay?

The webinar will be hosted by:  

Petra Vandendriessche - Head of HR at Nationale Loterij

Linda Vandevelde - Head People & Organization at Sandoz

Dimitri Vermeylen - Director at Wellways