18 Nov - 9AM CET

Holistic Well-Being: The Challenges and Opportunities for Employers in Russia

Top Employers Institute invites you to our first webinar organised specifically for Russia, on Thursday November 18th at 9 AM (CET), to discover the challenges of Holistic Well-being in Russia as well as the Best HR Practices implemented by Top Employer, Unicredit Bank Russia.

Organisations are trying to ensure an optimal working environment and put the wellbeing of the employees first.

In Russia, our certified Top Employers have excelled in most areas of people strategy. However, in comparison to the Top Employers in the rest of the world, there are some differences identified, which will be discussed during this webinar. 

UniCredit Russia is one of the Top Employers who has started creating and nurturing successful holistic well-being programmes and they will share with us their best implemented practices. Join this webinar to learn: 

  • How Well-being is integrated into business agenda of UniCredit thus creating new competitive advantage on the developing markets.
  • Role of ambassadors and how to attract opinion leaders to promote Well Being among employees and their family members.
  • The example of holistic Well-being program and what do you need to consider when launching Well-being initiatieves.
  • Achievements and plans for 2022-2024.

At the end we will be glad to answer your questions.

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  • Ammara Naeem, Head of Client Success, at Top Employers Institute
  • Valentin Timakov, Unicredit Bank Russia, Head of People and Culture 
  • Mikhail Godunov, Unicredit Bank Russia, People & Culture Business Partner & wellbeing ambassador