23 November 2021

Connect & Share

Future-proof workforce and collaborative work environment


Get inspired by 2 Top Employers to make your business even more future-proof.


KBC brings the inspiring story of their concept around the 'hot skills'. Not only the philosophy behind it and goals will be part of their presentation, they will explain about the communication, HR processes and the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. How technology supports the concept will also be shown.

Not only the development of future competences is essential, but also further strengthen a productive, stimulating collaboration. Collaboration happens on small and big scale, within teams and is crucial for the overall success of the company.


Elia takes us into the story about how they are rethinking their way of working. What is their strategy of hybrid working and how will it become a success? Which role can HR play? What will be the impact on leadership, culture and the physical workspaces? How does this Top Employer make sure collaboration is stimulated in their company?


10:00-10:20 Welcome & introduction topic by Top Employers

10:20-10:50 Elia

10:50-11:20 KBC

11:20-11:50 Break-out sessions


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