14 September - 10am (CET)

Employee Advocacy Workshop: Best Practices from Hays Recruitment

‘If you have a great story, don’t forget to tell it’ 

Employee advocacy is a proven strategy to improve your employer brand, increase the reach of your marketing efforts and even attract new talent. So how do you build a successful employee advocacy program? And how do you develop employee ambassadors that echo your organisation’s brand? 

Top Employers Institute, in collaboration with Hays, will be hosting a free Employee Advocacy Workshop on 14 September. They will discuss how to encourage employees to leverage their social media and answer the question: “How do I get more employees interested and active in sharing on social media?” How can you unlock the power of employee networks? 

Hays is a Top Five Global Recruiter with over 10 000 employees. Hays has won the award for Best LinkedIn Company Page and currently has close to 5 million followers. They are highly skilled in understanding how to leverage social media and their employees. 

Join this exclusive workshop to learn how to:   

  • Get employees comfortable to share organisational content on external social media platforms 
  • Build a long term strategic content calendar and build thought leadership.  
  • Bring your company’s story to life (Employee value proposition & Employer Branding) 
  • Unlock the power of your employees’ network 
  • Enable employees to become thought leaders 
  • Build an employee ambassador program 

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Mark Stoop 

Head of Marketing, Asia at Hays 

As the head of Marketing at Hays (Asia), Mark is responsible for leading a team that focuses on creating strategic content calendars, engagement marketing, customer journeys and video marketing. He has worked across Northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Mark currently serves on the Management Board for Asia and is the Head of Marketing at Hays (Asia). Hays is the leading global expert in qualified, professional, and skilled recruitment across more than 20 specialities. Hays benefits society by helping people succeed and enabling organisations to thrive - creating opportunities and improving lives. 

Wouter van Ewijk 

Global Head Of Brand & Content at Top Employers Institute