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DHL International (Pvt) Ltd

DHL International (Pvt) Ltd was awarded the Top Employers Zimbabwe and Top Employers Africa and Top Employers Global certification.

DHL International (Pvt) Ltd

DHL International Zimbabwe started operating in 1980. Technological innovation & on-going investment in our people are key to our success. DHL is firmly focused on having a customer centric culture. Delivering outstanding customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

Our main business involves door to door courier services ensuring the integrity of our customers' shipments. We offer: Dedicated Cargo aircraft flying Johannesburg-Harare-Lusaka- Johannesburg route. Onsite Customs Officers. Secured bonded facility. Radio frequency scanning capabilities, reflecting real time checkpoints. Cold room facility for handling cold chain shipments. Performance measurements across all elements of the clearance processes. High technical expertise in customs classifications and declarations. Pre-clearance of dutiable imports and Prime location of bonded facility.

Our awareness combines needs of time-sensitivity, security and reliability forging the cornerstone of our operation.

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