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Smollan was awarded the Top Employers South Africa certification.


Our company

Founded in 1931, Smollan is a global commerce solutions company that connects people, brands, and opportunities. Through planning, executing, measuring, and reporting on all aspects of commerce, we create and deliver intelligent solutions to help our clients sell and market better across physical and digital retail ecosystems. Through leading technologies; the talents of an 80 000 strong team; and in partnership with brands and people that span 5 continents, Smollan is positioned to deliver growth at scale. For more information on Smollan, visit

Our team

This is a business. But it is also a family. We care for each other, have a strong set of values, and a great sense of pride in who we are and what we do. At Smollan, you feel like you belong and that the contributions you make are meaningful. People power our business. We recognise and reward passion, commitment and high-performance, and by nurturing the aspirations of our employees, we are building a stimulating environment that enables you to always grow.

We operate in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where we lean on more than 3 generations of experience and a pioneering-spirit to connect people and brands around the world. We recognise the extraordinary effort, commitment and contribution of our employees and partners to think, act and deliver in a manner that is forward thinking and responsible; creating sustainable opportunities for our people, our clients, our communities and our environment.
We stand for building a business that deserves to last…

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