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Goodyear South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Goodyear South Africa (Pty) Ltd was awarded the Top Employers South Africa certification.

Goodyear South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Goodyear is one of the largest tyre manufacturing companies in the world, with operations in 22 countries, globally. Although Goodyear in South Africa started importing tyres as early as 1912, the Goodyear manufacturing facility in Uitenhage was initiated in 1945 and today, Goodyear employs approximately 2 300 people. The manufacturing facility in Uitenhage was recently upgraded, enabling Goodyear to continue setting the industry standard for innovation among its counterparts. With a growing footprint in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Goodyear is also represented by two subsidiary companies in the country, – the Hi-Q franchise, a trusted and award-winning tyre fitment centre in South Africa, as well as TrenTyre, the #1 Service Provider for fleets.

With over 120 years operating in South Africa, Goodyear owes its journey to success to the people who have partnered with them to create a work environment that is agile and enabling to create innovative and cutting edge solutions for over ten decades. Promoting collaboration, having energised teams and upholding employee-centric policies is core to how Goodyear builds talent and a motivated and engaged workforce. It is for this reason that Goodyear is truly proud to be a Top Employer, once again.

Over the years, Goodyear has endeavored to be a good corporate citizen by uplifting and making meaningful impact in the communities close to its operations. Goodyear remains committed to providing innovative solutions to all its customers around the world and looks forward to being part of the memories that are created by vehicle and truck owners in every corner of the globe.
For more information about Goodyear and its products, go to For Goodyear, the journey of innovative tyre production, continues.

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