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AbbVie South Africa was awarded the Top Employers South Africa certification.
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AbbVie is a global, bio-pharmaceutical company formed in 2013 following a split from Abbott Laboratories. With a 125-year hertitage, AbbVie blends the energy of a biotech start-up with the expertise of an established pharma leader.
Making new discoveries and developing them into effective medicines that improve patient outcomes and quality of life is the foundation of our business. A deep commitment to creating impact for patients unites us and brings clarity to our work.
In South Africa, local insights allow us to grow a country-relevant workplace with benefits to attract and retain talented, driven individuals who are motivated to make a difference. We focus on

Number of employees: 110
Number of active countries: 170

The research

Our comprehensive independent research revealed that AbbVie South Africa provides exceptional employee conditions, nurtures and develops talent throughout all levels of the organisation and has demonstrated its leadership status in the HR environment, always striving to optimise its employment practices and to develop its employees.

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