RM Plc

RM Plc was awarded the Top Employers United Kingdom certification.

RM Plc

RM consists of three distinct businesses: RM Education, RM Results and RM Resources. As a group, we’re here to improve the lives of educational users from early years all the way through to professionals. Whether it’s technology for schools or exam boards, or the educational resources you could find in a primary school, we have spent 40 years helping teachers teach and learners learn. Because that’s what each of us loves to do.
We're 100% focused on servicing the Education Sector which makes us a business with a conscience. It's all about imaginative software and services solutions and having supportive, approachable colleagues who’ll help you make them work.

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The four stages of the Certification Programme:

  1. Survey

  2. Validation

  3. Certification

  4. Feedback

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